Reducing Pool Costs

A swimming pool can be a costly investment. Pools are a lot of fun, but if you don’t care for them properly, the cost can quickly increase. There are many simple steps you can take to reduce your swimming pool expenses.

A swimming pool cover can help reduce costs, especially if you live in an area that is cool at night. You can purchase a specially sized cover that you roll out over the pool when you aren’t using it. The pool cover helps trap the heat in the pool overnight so the temperature won’t drop dramatically. If the pool cover is in place during the day, it can increase the pool temperature if it is a solar cover. This can eliminate or reduce the need to heat the pool. Covers can also help keep debris out of the pool. This prevents the growth of algae over time.

It’s important to close your swimming pool properly at the end of the season. This will protect the pool and control the growth of algae and other bacteria during the winter months. Closing your pool correctly will reduce your costs when you open your pool at the beginning of the next season. Your water will be clearer and it won’t take as much time and effort to get your water in shape. You won’t need to use as many chemicals to get the pool running which will help curb your costs.

Keeping your water properly balanced will help you reduce your swimming pool costs. If your water is out of balance, it can harm the pool pump and affect the lining of your pool. Over time, unbalanced water can erode your equipment and lead to costly replacements. If you keep your water in good shape, you will protect your pump, filter and heater over the long term.

Consistent water balance saves you money on chemicals throughout the season. If your water gets out of balance, it can become cloudy, green or oily. When pool water quality is bad, it takes time and money to get it back to normal. You will have to use more chemicals and treatments on your swimming pool to get the water in good condition. If you take care of the water constantly and avoid problems, your costs will be significantly lower.

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