Drinks by the Pool

If you’re looking for creative drink ideas for swimming pool parties, there are lots of innovative ideas you can try. You don’t have to stick to old standards like soda, beer and juice.

Sherbet and ginger ale drinks are popular summertime favorites because they are a great way to cool off by the swimming pool. You can mix different kinds of sherbet with ginger ale to put different twists on the drink. Use a mixture of about a quart of sherbet to a liter of ginger ale. You can choose from lime, orange and raspberry sherbet.

Add complimentary fruit slices or berries. Choose fruits that complement the sherbet flavor. You can add in splashes of juice like orange or pineapple juice depending on the type of sherbet you use. Add cherries to the top for a fun accent. If you are having an adult party, you can add a splash of champagne to the punch. Remember to be careful with alcohol around the swimming pool. Make sure guests don’t have too many drinks.

strawberry-lemonadeLemonade is a traditional summertime favorite. You can make an updated lemonade for a little extra fun. Use a blender to purify a cup of strawberries and mix it with a pitcher of lemonade. You can add a few mint leaves to the blender to make strawberry and mint lemonade that will help people cool off by the swimming pool. You can also puree a cup of raspberries and add them to the lemonade. If you don’t have fresh raspberries, use frozen ones. You don’t have to make lemonade from scratch to add flavors. Adding fruits and mint to lemonade mixes works just fine. If you are making drinks for adults, a splash of vodka can spice up lemonade. Be careful not to add too much as people react quickly to alcohol on hot days.

Fruit drinks are always fun for events at the swimming pool. You can make coolers with fresh melon and ice. Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew make sweet, delicious drinks. Add a cup of melon, three ice cubes and plain or sparkling water to a blender. Blend until the fruit mixture is frothy. You can add honey or sugar to increase the sweetness. Serve these drinks before they have a chance to melt!

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