What to do After a Storm

Summer storms can wreak havoc on your pool. Beautiful, sparkling water can turn green and slimy after a nasty storm. The storm will create an ideal environment for the growth of algae, which can be difficult to get rid of if you allow it to grow. Treating your pool with the correct swimming pool chemicals can help you get your water back in good condition and stop algae growth.

After a serious storm, you should remove all debris from the water as soon as possible. Leaves, sticks and other items can affect the chemistry of your pool and add phosphates to the water which becomes food for algae. Empty the skimmer baskets. Vacuum the pool completely.

One of the most helpful swimming pool chemicals you can use after a storm is a combination of shock, algaecide and phosphate remover. Add the shock and algaecide immediately. You should check the guidelines to determine the right amount of shock and algaecide for the amount of gallons of water. Next, run the pump on your pool for 24 full hours. Then, backwash the pool. You should check your pool water to determine the balance of your swimming pool chemicals. If the storm was severe, you should add shock to the pool again. Run the filter for another 24 hours then backwash.

After you’ve shocked the pool and added algaecide, you will need to add some phosphate remover and clarifier to bring the level of phosphates down and add the sparkle back to the water. You should add the phosphate remover and clarifier after the second shock treatment. Add the Clarifier following the addition of phosphate remover dosing according to manufacturers directions.

You may need to repeat the entire process, from shock, algaecide to clarifier, several times to clear your pool completely. Wait 5 days before repeating. It can take several treatments with swimming pool chemicals to clear up a pool after a serious storm. Some pool owners find that it takes up to a week to get the pool back to its ideal condition after rainfall. During the process, backwash the pool to keep the filter clean.

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