Teaching Kids Pool Safety

When you have a swimming pool, it’s easy to focus on maintaining your pool with the right swimming pool chemicals so that it is sparkling and bright. However, this is only one part of owning a pool. If you have children or invite children to swim at your pool, safety should be your number one priority.

Supervision is the number one key for pool safety. Children should never swim without an undistracted adult within three feet. The supervising adult should be a good, strong swimmer. Even if a child can swim well, they are not immune from accidents. If children get tired or play rambunctiously, an accident is possible. If several children are playing in the pool, more than one adult should watch the children.

Teach your children the basics of water safety. They should avoid drains and suction fittings. If they aren’t strong swimmers, they should use life vests that are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Teach children to avoid highly rambunctious activities. They should never try to sink other swimmers or splash them. These games can lead to accidents. Give children limits based on their swimming abilities. Weak swimmers should avoid the deep end of the pool. Don’t allow children to dive. These basic precautions can increase safety around water.

There are some proactive measures you can take on your own. Basic first aid training can make the difference between an accident and a tragedy. Learn CPR and basic resuscitation techniques. If there is an accident and you need to call 911, there will be lag time between the call and when help arrives. It is critical to have skills to assist in this kind of emergency.

You should ensure that your swimming pool chemicals are balanced to protect all swimmers in your pool. If swimming pool chemicals aren’t balanced, it can lead to problems for swimmers. Algae and other fungi can lead to illness. Proper swimming pool chemicals can eradicate any harmful bacteria. If you have too much chlorine in the pool, it can irritate swimmer’s eyes and skin. While this is not technically a safety issue, properly balanced swimming pool chemicals make swimming fun and pleasant.

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