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Safety is always an issue when it comes to water. If you are the owner of a pool or spa, there are coverings you can buy that will minimize the likelihood of devastating accidents. Even though safety cover manufacturers have made great strides in the last few years, it’s still important to educate your family about pool safety. Children should be taught to stay away from water unless they are accompanied by an adult. Appropriate fencing is still required by law. Your fence must be at least four feet high and have a self-latching gate that can be locked.

There are pool safety covers that are created to handle a great deal of weight without collapsing. Some can withstand pressure of thousands of pounds without being compromised. These covers can prevent children and pets from falling into the pool and accidentally drowning. It’s important that the cover is properly fitted to your pool so that it secure. Most safety covers can be used throughout the year so that your family is protected at all times. No one should deliberately walk on the pool cover even though it can support a lot of weight.

When a safety cover is installed, it’s important to remove slides and ladders so that the cover does not have gaps. Most pool covers are available in both solid fabrics and mesh. Most are constructed with springs, straps and anchors to help the pool cover stay in place. There are both manual and automated pool covers. Automated covers are usually more costly but can be very convenient.

Safety covers provide owners with more than accident prevention. They also protect the pool during winter months. They prevent leaves, sticks and other debris from falling into the pool, which can cause cleanup problems in the spring. The cover will also prevent the growth of algae over the winter months. Most safety covers block the sun which eliminates the heat that leads to algae growth. Since algae can be difficult to eliminate, these covers help block the problem at its source. The cover can also limit water evaporation which will cut down on the need to add water in the springtime.

You can find the best kind of pool cover for your needs by consulting with your local pool store or dealer. In some cases, mesh covers are best because snow and rain will drain through the cover. Most debris will simply blow off of the cover. Pools of water won’t accumulate on a mesh cover which reduces the likelihood of a small child or animal drowning in the water on top of the mesh.

Solid pool covers are better for some pools because they are fastened securely to the deck with anchors. Melted snow and rain can accumulate on solid pool covers which can lead to dangerous puddles. Some solid pool covers have drain panels built into the cover. Customers can also use small pumps to drain the water off. A solid cover can be extremely effective for some types of pools. Keep in mind that safety covers often cost more than tarp-style pool covers. However, they provide homeowners with extra safety and peace of mind, which is easily worth the up-front investment.

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