Attack Non-Chlorine Shock

Attack is an effective tool for achieving clear water in pool, spa fountain or pond. It destroys organic contaminates and will reduce the level of excessive chlorine in the water. This is the product to use when problems exisit where there is an excessive chlorine level that need to be reduced while still effectively cleaning the water. Swimmers can enter the pool immediately after application as the product is safe and won't harm people or pets as long as the water chemistry is in balance.

Attack Non-Chlorine Shock Features

Attack is a non-chlorine shock oxidizer with oxy-crystals. It is odorless, fast-acting and non-foaming. Treat and swim in 10 minutes. Reduces excessive chlorine levels.

Attack Non-Chlorine Shock Instructions

Attack Non-Chlorine Shock with Oxy-Crystals: One pound treats 25,000 gallons water. 6.5 oz treats 10,000 gallons. Use the inner cap to measure. Turn on the filter and then broadcast over the top of the pool water. The product dissolves in about two minutes and swimming can resume 10 minutes after application.