Our Products

Acid Washing

Acid washing is an effective solution when a pool has severe staining on the plaster. These stains can be caused by algae, calcium deposits, metal, copper, dirt, oil and grease. Acid washing pulls algae, metal and other stains out of plaster and to the surface to make cleaning easier and more effective. Bio-Dex products can help you effectively acid wash your pool for lasting results.


Bio-Dex has effective algaecides that will remove and prevent algae growth in pools. They can treat yellow mustard, green, black and other resistant forms of algae. They work alongside most common swimming pool chemicals. Aggressive algaecides can be used for increased algae-fighting action against the most aggressive forms of algae.

Clarifiers & Digesters

Bio-Dex clarifiers eliminate cloudy water and make it crystal clear and sparkling. Digesters remove the cloudy effects of suntan oils, body oils and other oils in water. These products are safe for swimmers and can be used after algae treatments and phosphate removal to improve water quality.


Cleaners are essential to maintaining pools and equipment. Cartridges, filters and sand filters need to be cleaned regularly so that they can perform at maximum efficiency. Cleaners remove scale, rust, grease, oils from filters to improve filtration. Hard surface like decks need cleaning to maintain the appearance of the pool area. Bio-Dex has products that will clean your equipment and keep it running efficiently.

Phosphate Remover

To keep your pool sparkling, it’s important to control the phosphates that can feed algae. Bio-Dex phosphate removers eliminate high phosphate levels on contact. Removing phosphates can help to keep water clear and prevent water problems from developing.

Spa Products

There are several steps to efficient spa maintenance. Bio-Dex has a number of products that can improve your spa’s performance by reducing foam, controlling stains, cleaning water and eliminating water and metals from the spa. This will keep your spa water sparkling and safe.

Stain & Scale

Swimming pools and spas are vulnerable to staining from black cobalt, scale, calcium, rust, iron and corrosion. Bio-Dex has products to help you simply and effectively remove these stains and keep your pool surface looking like new.

Tile Cleaners & Sealers

Bio-Dex cleaners and sealers keep pool tile clean and shiny. The cleaners remove dirt, grease, soils and suntan lotions from tile. They can also remove calcium deposits. Sealers protect the tile and make future cleaning easier. They can also be used on spas, pool equipment and vinyl.

Water Treatment

Bio-Dex water treatments are the key to keeping pools clear and sparkling. These products sanitize, disinfect and remove contaminates from water. They can also remove excess chlorine to keep the water in the pool or spa balanced.