Oil Out Enzyme

Oil Out Enzyme eliminates oil from bodies of water. It is a natural product that digests and coverts oils to carbon dioxide and water.

Oil Out leaves no residue and will clean oil from the filter. It cleans oil on contact and is safe for both the environment and swimmers. Swimmers can re-enter the water immediately after treatment. Oil Out Enzyme combines effectively with Clearex 500 to provide superior water cleaning which is extemely helpful in commercial pools with high bather loads. Oil -Out Enzyme provides a variety of benefits such as improving filtration, clearing water and making water sparkle. The product also prevents scum from building up on tile. It’s a hypo-allergenic product that is also non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic so you can feel safe using the product in your pool. You won’t have to worry about hurting swimmers or the environment. The product can be diluted and put in a spray bottle which can be used as a tile and surface cleaner to remove oil and scum.

Oil Out Enzyme Features

Removes oil on contact . Keeps the filter cleaner. Helpful in any body of water where oil is a problem. Commercial pools with high bather loads benefit with less filter cleanings. Concentrated and economical. 1 oz treats 20,000 gallons water with normal bather load. Double application for moderate to high bather load and triple dose for extreme bather load. Spa Oil Out is diluted for a more user friendly spa application.

Oil Out Enzyme Instructions

For the initial treatment of Oil Out Enzyme, add one ounce per 20,000 gallons of water. Apply the product slowly through the skimmer while the filter is running or apply Oil Out Enzyme directly into the water where the oil is most severe. Repeat the process in four days if necessary. For maintenance application, add one ounce per 20,000 gallons of water. Add the product weekly or as needed based on the bather load. Feeder application is very effective. To do this, dilute Oil Out Enzyme in a twenty to one ratio. Dilute one quart in five gallons of water using a chemical feeder pump. Adjust settings according to the bather load.
Bather Load:
Moderate to High Bather Load a double application dose. Extreme bather load a triple dose is recommended before transitioning to lower maintenance dose. Adjust according to individual situation. Excessive dosing causes no adverse effects other than possible visible bubbles. Will not effect other chemicals or water chemistry.

Pour diluted product into a spray bottle and clean oil and scum from tile.
To use Spa Oil Out, measure one ounce of the product per 500 gallons water while the water is circulating. Repeat the process if necessary after three days. The recommended maintenance dose is one ounce per 500 gallons weekly. Use the product as often as necessary. No waiting time before entering the water is necessary.

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