Algae can thrive in pools, especially when temperatures soar and after rainstorms.

Algae discolors the water and the pool surfaces and makes it slimy. Algaecides treat and prevent the growth of algae in pools and spas. These products fight the algae so that it dies and the addition of proper sanitizer will sanitize the water. Maintenance dose of algaecide will help to prevent future growth.

Aqua Pure

Aqua Pure is a powerful formula that is chelated to prevent stains. It is effective at removing a variety of types of algae, including yellow mustard, green, black and other resistant strains of algae. Aqua Pure also prevents algae from coming back in the future.

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Skill-it eliminates multiple forms of resistant algae, including persistent black algae. It also controls algal slime growth. The product is a fast-acting algaecide that is free of heavy metals and does not require pH adjustment.

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